January 26, 2015

The Gift of Time

I have a big announcement and I am so excited to tell you! 

On Saturday, I am moving to lil ole Danville. After surviving over 3 years long distance with The Professor (is his new name catching on yet?), we will FINALLY live in the same state & the same city & the same house!


The last two weeks have been a tad stressful. I had to tell my landlord I was moving out and pack up my entire apartment. I’d like to think I set a world record for the amount of stuff accumulated in a two year period. I’m not sure how this all actually fit in my one bedroom apartment, but it did. I made friends with the guy at my local U-Haul and stocked up on some packing supplies. It took me three full days, but I was able to get almost everything packed up.

What about work, you ask? My company was pretty understanding, well…somewhat understanding… when I told them I wanted to move to Danville. They’ve agreed to let me work from home for a while so we can figure out the long-term plan. I was super pumped for three reasons:

A. Income, duh.

2.  TIME. I’ve complained once, twice, three thousand times about my current commute. You cannot even begin to imagine how excited I am about not having that hour commute twice a day!

I love my job so I’m pumped that I get to keep working. I’m also pumped that I get two hours back in my day, every single day. I’m going to do things like blog, read, run, and eat dinner at a reasonable hour each night.

III. Setting up a home office. I have been Pinteresting like crazy looking for ideas on how to setup and decorate a little workspace in our front room.

Check out these ideas that will probably never become a reality.


Now that the packing is done and the plans are made, I can sit back for a couple of days and relax before the big move. Stay tuned because next Monday, I’ll be blogging from Kentucky!

How many times have you moved?
- This will be move #5 for me (#3 if you don’t count to and from college).

What ideas/recommendations do you have for a home office?

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